League of St. Gerard Newsletter

The Joy of Praying with St. Gerard

Devotion to St. Gerard as The Mothers’ Saint began among the pious mothers of southern Italy.

The faith, confidence and trust in St. Gerard of so many mothers around the world has continued and grown through the centuries because there is obviously something to it. .... Read More

St. Gerard: A Powerful Friend

Redemptorist Br. Larry Lujan has witnessed countless big and small miracles by St. Gerard.

My niece, Nicole, had been diagnosed with a heart murmur at the age of two years old. It was during this time that my mother told my sister that “St. Gerard has God’s ear and if you ask him I am sure he will intercede on your behalf.”... Read More.


Thanksgiving and Prayer from Angela:

This is my son Lucas and he is the result of many prayers and love for Saint Gerard Majella. Please give thanks to God and St. Gerard with me and all my family for this most precious gift. Read More.




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