Testimonials from Women Praying to Be Mothers Testimonials


How have you been blessed by St. Gerard?  Please share your story to edify and inspire joy in others!




Please intercede for S and N in the conception and birth of the child they so long for!!! 


Please help L & R get through their past and be able to have a happy future as parents some day. 


I am very thankful to St. Gerard, Jesus Christ, and Mother of Guadalupe for guiding and guarding me during my pregnancy, labor, and delivery. St. Gerard stayed with me to keep me and my baby safe. I had a quite difficult pregnancy due to some complications. With all his guidance and protection me and my baby made it. I have a healthy baby Aaron Emmanuel right now. I am thankful to God for all these wonderful blessings that I have been receiving. St. Gerard please continue to guide me as I raise this wonderful child. Help and guide me to become the best mother for my son all the time. I love him with all my heart and soul. Thank you St. Gerard. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ, my Mother of Guadalupe, my Guardian Angel, and Aaron's Guardian Angel. I love you all. I praise you all everyday of my life.  


Please help my husband and I. Our dream for us to become parents. We have had a rough 5 years for me to get pregnant. Please help me and for my dream to come true. 

Fred H

A year ago my oldest daughter had lost her baby early term. She has always had poets sensitivity, so the pain was nearly unbearable. Several months later she assisted in the delivery room as her younger sister bore a healthy son. How wonderful yet emotionally difficult to stifle the understandable feelings that her child could be here. I researched St. Gerard, prayed a Novena, purchased prayer cards and a Gerard chaplet for my oldest. Today on the eve of the 100th anniversary of Fatima, she called to say the ultrasound went perfectly! Tears of joy thanking intercessors are still drying! 

Sabrina mcdonagh

I beg of you to help me and my husband to help us concive. Plz Saint Gérard mejjla and any other holy angels can help please I beg of you...🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 

José Thiesen

Some years ago I found in a church in London a prayer to St. Gerard left in a bench and took it to me. Never heard of St Gerard before, but I feelt compeled to read the prayer every day. The pray do not mentioned any particular wish, excepet the salvation of the reader's soul. After some time of daily praying St. Gerard obtained to me the great grace of scape from the clutches of pornography, a terrible thorn in my life. If I am not totally free from this vice, and in many times I feel compeled to look for it, whith the help of St. Gerard I am being kept away from this great sin with a bigger and bigger understanting of how terrible is any sin in someone's life. I never will thak enough to St. Gerard for such bless on me. 


St.Gerard please pray for my family, my husband, my kids and me. Protect us always and bless my husband with a great joyful job related to baseball . Thank you 


Thank you St. Gerard for miracle my baby girl is beautiful , healthy and we do have a house. Glory to God. Thank you 


I CONFESS. I am a victim of a sexual abused when I was young. My family didn't know this matter even now. My supervisor knew this and my friend who is also a sexual abused except for one thing. I confess. Because of the flesh, all through my life... i used a pillow as a medium to get my satisfaction. Until last year, I woke up one day i've felt and i desired wanting to have a child. I want to be a mother. I'm so pitty for my partner. he is also longing for a child. I forsake my sins to have a baby. I confess. My partner had a azoospermia and also married before. I've come to his life when he and his wife already separate. His wife come along to other man and left him a credits. I help him to start a again a new life and i help him to forgot all the bad memories. I had IVF failed way back year of 2013. When my embryos transferred, my brother offered me to go in canada. I confess. It's my fault because i didn't give much attention and love for my twins. January 2017, we're decided to do IVF again. I confess. I blame my husband for being had a azoospermia. I thought i was healthy.. until the doctors proclaim that i had a bad egg cells. and my amh is getting low. and had a pcos too. i tried to start the procedures twice but still my egg cells is not good and last time my follicles is only two. one on the left and one on the right. St Gerard, i knew you before but only now i've come. like others, hoping is not too late for me/for us to change myself/ourselves to seek and ask your favor... please help us... please help me... please help me to conceive a baby. please give me a chance to be a good mom and a mother. please give me chance again to experience and feel how to conceive a child, how to get pregnant and to deliver a baby. im down on my knees and i know i am not deserving to this favor... i promise to take care my baby and give much love and attention. please have mercy on me... please help me.. Amen 

Melissa ferrer

I've been praying to bless us a baby.We are trying for 5years, failed iui once. And we are trying again this May. Hoping through medical intervention and faith, we will be bless by the grace of God and st. Gerard. I WILL AND I BELIEVE.AMEN. 

Juvy Gentapa

Dear Saint Gerard Majella, I have been married for six years. Last year i underwent IUI procedure but failed. And now, I am trying to conceive again very soon as I am late 30's and am really getting scared. I have an irregular menstrual cycle. I am begging God, our creator, and St. Gerard Majella to do wonders to heal me. Please pray for me and my husband to get a healthy baby soon. I request all prayer angels to pray for me so that I will be pregnant very soon. Thank you so much! 

Dawn L

I had tried, unsucessfully, for years, to conceive a child. I'd always known that I had reproductive troubles, that resulted in my not being able to get pregnant. I was not keen on seeking medical intervention. I wanted to believe that my body could overcome the obstacles. But, finally, after about 10 years, I gave in. I only agreed to take a low dose medication that could help me ovulate. I started the medication, in August, of 2014. It was for 3 cycles. In October, I was going through some troubles & didn't take the 3rd cycle meds. BUT I did attend a St. Gerard mass with my sister. It was such a wonderful experience! During the mass, we were able to touch a St Gerard relic, light a candle, and have a personal St Gerard blessing with an attending priest. In November, I conceived! I knew, since I had skipped that medication, in October, that St. Gerard had been instrumental in my blessing of a pregnancy! Unfortunately, my body had other plans & I had an ectopic pregnancy, but that was a whole other issue, that no one had foreseen. St. Gerard certainly came through for me!  


I pray to St. Gerard in time of struggling infertility and asking and praying of hoping to have a baby. 


After 10 long years the ultimate blessing has arrived. Thank you to the whole congregation and to St Gerard for his intercession.. I have delivered a healthy baby boy and he's now 1 years old! We have prayed, believe and hope.. Truly in GOD nothing is IMPOSSIBLE! God Bless Everyone! May the blessing of our Dear LORD be with us ALL :)  


Thank you St. Gerard for the safe delivery and birth of my Grandnephew on March 13th. 


Dear St. Gérard, please help me conceive. I have been trying for a baby for nearly 3 years now. Me and my husband would love nothing more than to have a happy healthy baby that we could love unconditionally and complete our little family. That you so much. Xxx 


I pray to god and st gerard to have a possitive and a healthy pregnancy this year after 8 years of marriage, hopefully father god and st gerard blessed me and my husband.please bless us with a healthy baby.in jesus name AMEN 


I pray to god and st gerard to have a possitive and a healthy pregnancy this year after 8 years of marriage, hopefully father god and st gerard blessed me and my husband.please bless us with a healthy baby. in jesus name AMEN 

Phina Uche

Thanking God for a safe delivery on d 19 of Feb,2017, also want to thank Saint Gerald of Majella, the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Angels for their intercessions, with their prayers I had a stress free pregnancy. Praying for couples seeking for d fruits of d womb for God's intervention and visitation on them. 

Jovic Odok

I want to thank God for His faithfulness and grace upon my life. I did the novena to St Gerard for safe delivery and I delivered successfully of a bouncing baby boy two days after finishing the novena. Thank you St Gerard for your intercession . Saint Gerard pray for us  

Mariefe cuaresma

Im hoping a positive pregnancy on my womb this 2017.when im older i have a child who care with me godbless papa god and st gerald amen. 

Eleanor Cipriano

I prayed to St Gerard thru his intercession to blessed me with a positive pregnancy this feb 24, 2017. Me and my husband are begging for this please give us a healthy baby and positive pregnancy. In Jesus name Amen 


I thank God the father,son and holy spirit for blessing me and my husband with children, i also thank my mother mary and st Gerald for their intercessions, for all those believing God for blessing of children, your expectations shall not cut short, God in his mercy will surely answer prayers and grant your heart desires ,amen. 

Shiny Dibu Joseph

Me & my husband Dibu Joseph are so thankfull to Jesus,Mama Mary& St Gerard for hearing our cries & blessing us with a baby. Also I thank St Gerard for protecting me& my baby throughout the pregnancy & for a safe delivery without any complications. 


I pray that the God the Father blesses us to have a healthy and a happy baby. It is delightful to know that there exists a saint in St Gerard Majella to pray for this cause. I also pray that other petitions be granted in Jesus name, Amen. 


I pray to the Almighty thru the intercession of our dear mother mary and St.Gerard, that i and my husband be blessed with a healthy baby this 2017. My 5 miscarriages will not deter me to believe that in God's time my husband and i will be blessed with our baby.  


I pray to thee St. Gerard Majella that you will, through the intercession with Jesus our saviour, his blessed Mother Mary and God our Creator, bless my husband and I with conceiving and giving birth to a healthy baby to love and to cherish and bring up in God's name. I know I should accept God's will but I also know that God said ask and you shall receive. I believe that God is great and our prayers will be answered in Jesus' name. Amen. 


St. Gerard and Our lady of perpetual help, my husband and I pray, hoping that we will receive a precious gift from God of our hearts desire to conceive a healthy child this coming 2017. We have been trying to conceive for a few years now with no luck and our age are not getting any younger. We pray for a healthy, beautiful child that would bring joy to us and our families. And my husband and I could finally start a little family of our own. Please help us! Amen.  


St. Gerard I desperately need to be blessed with the fruit of the womb. I believe that with God and your intercession all is possible. I've been trying for a long time but I believe this is the right place. I can't to testify that very day I walk out of the delivery room. Amen 


St gerald. Please we are requesting your intercession to be able to conceive a baby or twins this monthDecember 2016. I believe it will be granted in Jesus name . Amen 


Please pray that my husband Ara won't be accused and sent to prison for a crime that he really did not commit, (God knows that he is really an innocent and honest young man)please pray as long as you wish for him to be freed directly from the courtroom. (the hearing is on the 2nd of December 2016)I beg you all to pray for this matter , I have no one to help me and I am left alone with my new born daughter and elderly mom in this world. Thank you and God bless you! I am a teacher but currently I am jobless and we are in a very bad finacial condition, so please pray IF You wish to overcome the financial hardships to provide my child !(I wish I have students to teach and earn money) Thank you ever so much, God bless you all, and please accept my humble blessings as well! P.S. Please let me know if any miracle happened during your prayers for my petition, as it is too much important to know and to be more enthusiastic in my prayers and in my sad life. 


St Gerald i lost two pregnancies, each day i long to have my own baby, please st Gerald intercede for me to reconcile with my love and bless us with a healthy twin boy and girl. I really have a calling to be a mother please beg God to bless my womb and to bring my love back to me and we conceive without any problems and we be happy parents. Please help me st Gerald. 

Janet Lotinggi

Dear St. Gerard, after 11 years of marriage and experienced a miscarriage, I was able to conceive after lighting a candle online here. Although I delivered my baby girl, Mercy Clara too soon on 16th of May 2016, a premature baby of 27weeks 6 days gestation through c section but now she's doing fine and healthy. I hope she'll continue to grow up and make us happy. We'll continue to pray to you too St. Gerard that she will overcome any obstacles in health throughout the years. Thank you very much. 

Theresa Tsetim

Thanking God for blessing me with a beautiful baby girl after 7years of waiting, thank you St. Gerard for you intercession my joy knows no bound. 


Please St. Gerard intercede with us and help my husband and I receive the blessing and joy of conceiving a healthy baby. We have been trying for over 2 years and I have severe endometriosis and other complications.  


Dear st Gerard me and my husband are trying for a baby for the last ,6 years.I pray every night that u will grant us a healthy baby.if you could pray for us to have one baby..in the name of Jesus Christ and st Gerard amen 


i heard of st gerald when i lost my first baby,am asking God through the intercession of st gerald to bless my womb with healthy twins(a boy and a girl),and i will still testify in the land of the living, i shall not die, i shall not bury my child again in Jesus name i pray amen.  


Thank you St. Gerard for a safe delivery and for keeping me alive during the tremendous blood loss. After my first miscarriages I prayed to you to protect this child, which you did. I will continuously mention your name to any mother in distress. Thank you for making me able to get through such a tough labour.  

Hazel Pereira

I prayed to St. Gerard during my pregnancy asking for a safe delivery and I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Therefore I would like to offer my thanksgiving to St. Gerard. Thank you so much for blessing me and my baby and being by my side the whole time 

Njoku Elizabeth

Dear St. Gerard, I just heard about you and I believe in your intercession. I thank you for I believe this month will be my conception month. Thanks once again for interceding for me. 


Dear St. Gerard in time of struggling infertility and asking and praying of hoping to have a baby...i found you...and now i have a baby girl.Thank you for praying for us through your intercession...our prayer been answered...  

Ashley apasen

St.Gerald please grant our prayer to have baby. My husband and i are longing for a baby for how many years. Please grant us to complete our family that we dream of. Thank u so much. 

Yvonne and Cody

I pray and pray, hoping we will receive a precious gift from God. We have been trying to conceive for a few years now with no luck and our age are not getting any younger. We pray for a healthy, beautiful child that would bring joy to us and our families. And my husband and I could finally start a little family of our own. Please help us! Amen.  

Kevin Williams

I am a pro life activist. One of the ministries Im involved in is reaching out to abortion planning girls on line. We average seeing the Lord turn almost four girls a month to choosing life. St Gerard is my Patron Saint and I came into the Church about 16 months ago. From the day I announced publicly "Sink or swim Im crossing the Tibor" in ten days ten girls chose life. ;-) I figure it is God and Saint Gerard's "Welcoming committee."  


St Gerard please pray for me for complete reconciliation with RM in faith hope and love and for my fertility tests to go well so I can have a healthy baby girl very soon. Thank you 


I am thanking St Gerard in advance for interceding for me so that fertility issues are gone and for asking God to grant me the gift of a healthy baby girl. Thank you  


I for 6months was trying to get pregnant that's when I turned to St Jude for help to conceive quickly with in the month I was pregnant. I am a strong believer he made my prayer come true and just like that I was pregnant with my now 20month old baby boy that I'm totally obsessed with .... Thank you stJude 


I am one of those women who is being blessed by the intercession of St. Gerard to Jesus Christ. I am 5 weeks and 3 days pregnant as of today. I found out about St. Gerard through internet and I started on praying to him. I posted his picture in my room and I always prayed to him all day and all night to send my request of having a baby to Jesus Christ. His intercession is so powerful. I just gave all my trust and faith in him. I let go all my worries and let him do his miracles. My faith becomes stronger each day. Now that I am pregnant, I will continue to pray to him for his intercession and guidance. He is the mother saint after all. I will continue to be devoted to St. Gerard, Mother of Guadalupe and Jesus Christ. 


Please pray for me to conceive the second healthy baby please open my womb I beg you St,Gerard help me grant my prayers I ask in Jesus name Amen 


Dear St Gerald, I bring you praises for your prayers for my daughter and my family. By your intercession, our Lord Jesus Christ has blessed my daughter to have a child in her womb. Intercede for her that our Lord Jesus Christ will given her and the child good health and protection so that she in due time gives birth to her child. Mother Mary pray for her. Amen. 

maria nana

Dear Saint Gerard, thank you very much for your intercession during my 3rd baby pregnancy and baby birth. My gynecologist had strongly advised to do C-section due to the baby was in breech position up to 37th week of pregnancy. Following my faithful prayer, the position was suddenly change into normal 3 days later at 37.5th week, so that I did not have to undergo the C-section. instead, I did the normal labor at 39th week safely. I had surrender my baby into your protection and intercession ever before she was born. I put your name to my baby: Gerardina, as I always hope that you will always be his saints forever. 


I joined this group since 2012 and I still believe that God of St Gerard will do it for me. I married since 2010 , we are trying to convince, but miscarriages for 10 times. Please my dear sisters and brother of St Gerard I will like my prayer request to be posted. We seriously need your prayer. May St Gerard intercede for us all Amen 

Mary Black

I have never heard of St. Gerard. One day, I decided to go to a weekday mass (which I don't normally do) and a lady in front of me saw I was pregnant and told me about a certain mass time that coming Sunday where they would have a blessing for expectant parents. I went to this mass with my husband and daughter and we this blessing and were given a baby blanket tied with a bow. I just set it aside. A week later I had my final ultrasound check. The entire pregnancy had been perfect and then suddenly the baby turned and the doctor said I need to have a cesarean. I was upset and scared because I didn't have one for my first pregnancy, I felt I didn't have enough support because we didn't have family near us. I went to an acupuncturist/Chinese Doctor... Because I heard that sometimes works and they have some herbs they smoke on your feet. They said I was too far along and as the pregnancy progresses the baby doesn't have much space to move. I went home very upset (pregnancy makes a woman's hormones go crazy) and then I saw the baby blanket. There tucked in was a prayer card of St Gerard. I prayed to him just once "please just take care of it, I will name her after you. It's my promise to you. C section or not as long as baby is healthy". and felt this unbelievable calm wash over me. A week later for the follow up ultrasound and to schedule the c section they saw the baby had turned! The doctor was surprised. We were induced and my daughter was born vaginally at 9 lbs and 4 oz. no tears.. It was the most beautiful experience. Thank you St Gerard and Praise God! 

Gricele Galula

My story goes like this. . When i was in my younger years I always pray to have my own familu someday. .wishing that God will give a right man to marry and spend for.the rest of my life and of course to have a baby. .I want to experience be a mother someday.. I started.to pray when I was 18 years old. .since then by continuing praying. .and walking with my journey I graduated from college...been tried to work. .but im not consider as a successful career woman. .Ive been thru a failed relationship. .wrong.move with my choices...full of insecurities...I cnt say that my life there was good enough...but im happy coz i have my family mybe i felt lack of my self actualization. .but despite of that I always pray and pray that mybe one day God will hear my prayers...wishing eventhough im not successful in my career mybe in marriage or love is ok. .fast forward. .last yesr 2015 thru common friend I meet my man. .we introuduced to each other and we became on last may 9 2015. .To my surprise i got pregnant by month of oct. .Its not by accident but we both plan for it. .im soooooooo happy God grant my prayer for a long time. .God is good indeed. .I never expect after all my prayer is answered imagine Im 32 yrs old by then. .My lovestory is late but its worth the wait..God timing is perfect. .in his time just be patience. .So om.overjoyed...cried for happiness. .coz im pregnant. . But my pregnancy its not easy .why??because ive been hospitalized gor three times ..the first one due to have severe cough..im in my mos that time...last january 7 this year. .again ive been hospitalized due to myma ot fibroid and cysts in my ovary. .i been too in operation. .i was in 5mos then. .i always cry and cry and Questioning God why that was happen to me.and my baby. .one of us will.only survive...but.they continue the operation and get.one of my cysts...from.that.scene.i always pray the rosary and to God. .the operation is successful..me.and.my baby is survive but that was not the end..i felt.a lot.of pain...excruciating pain. They give me pain reliever and other medication..that time i always cry and sooo worried the possibility could happen to.my baby..but my baby is healthy he fight with me along the way...and I pray to God that.please.dnt allow this things to happen you.entrust.me for.my Baby and you.give it to.me.unexpectedly God...so i was discharged after one.week ...when i got home i burst into crying and pray that Pls God help.me.and my baby to.get thru with it. .then that month also january I found the page of St.Gerard...from.that.time on i always pray with him for my baby...and last.may 14 2015 my baby Elijah Piele was born healthy and perfectly well develop. .see??to God nothing is impossible just always pray and pray and.give thanks to him. .to be honest im.still.worried the condition of my son because ive taken lot of medicine during my operation but I.offer it.to.God,Mama Mary,St.Gerard and Padre Pio... When Im.alone there are times i cried because of what ive been thru. But when I look.up.to my baby..im sooo much grateful..God is soo good all.the time. With continuing praying also to St.Gerard Im.sure guys.he will.grant.it will what is you been asking for. .Thank you sooo much St.Gerard and Father Joe for always including us in your prayers ..and of course the medal of certificate.of St.Gerard .best.give ever in my whole life...Godbless everyone. . 


Please pray for me(Vera) to conceive and have a healthy baby. 


I and my husband are trying to have a baby. I've been in contraceptives for quite sometime.Couple of months I have been experiencing unusual discomforts in my body. We are planning to go to a doctor over the weekend.Please pray for us that everything is good and we don't have anything to worry about. In Jesus name,I am claiming.I will stay in touch. God bless everyone. 

Erika Palomares

My husband and I were trying to conceive for more than 7 years after a misscarriage after much prayer I finally got pregnant as I was miscarrying my husband found st Gerard on the Internet he started praying and praying but it was already too late I had miscarried already, that day I went online and found st. Lucy's church they where so kind and sent me a medal and handcheif that had touched the tomb of st Gerard we started to pray the novena and the very next month I am pregnant again I want to thank st Gerard for interceding I now pray that I do not miscarry this child i pray that st Gerard will be my Saint thru this pregnant and that this baby may be born healthy please keep us in your prays. I promise to update  


Dear St Gerald, I bring you praises for you prayers for me and my family. By your intercession, our Lord Jesus Christ has blessed my marriage with four beautiful children. Intercede for me that our Lord Jesus Christ will given them good health, protection them from accident and grant me and there mum the grace to provide for them to the glory of His name, amen. 

Tessy Ronald

After six years of marriage and several miscarriage through the intercesion of St. Gerard I am 15 weeks gone I am asking for more prayers from everyone for healthy pregnancy and safe delivery of my baby through Christ our Lord amen. 

I am so happy for all 3 of you your blog has been such an inspiration to me ..you and your hunasbd are remarkable people and baby Isaiah is a lucky little boy to have you two for parents! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!Jan/ NN

I am so happy for all 3 of you your blog has been such an inspiration to me ..you and your hunasbd are remarkable people and baby Isaiah is a lucky little boy to have you two for parents! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!Jan/ NN 

Traci Lorraine Aragon

hello, I have been trying to conceive for almost 14 years now. I have had plenty of surgeries and this last one was a major one. The doctor cut my tube and implanted it else where. Can you please help me with prayer. 


Thank you St. Gerard for bestowing your blessings on us. Our sweet baby girl turned 6 months old on May 1st. My husband and I suffered 6 losses before our heathy baby was born. Thank you for getting me through my rough labor and always being with us.  

Nanyonga Barbara

Dear St. Gerard, thank you for your intercession. My second pregnancy was a difficult one with lots of allergies and prolonged labour that ended up in a C-Section. Throughout the pregnancy I called upon St. Gerald to ensure the safety of my pregnancy and I promised to name the child Gerald or Geraldine, depending on the sex. My daughter is now called Geraldine Alma after St. Gerard. Glory to God! 


Dear St Gerard,Thank you for blessing my younger daugher and giving us my little grand daughter .She is a joy and so loved.I imploy you to bless my eldest daughter with a baby .She has been waiting for to be a mum for six years. Çatherine. 


When I was in my fifth month of pregnancy, we were told that our baby had club feet and may never be able to walk. They mentioned the possibility of a positive outcome with reconstructive surgery at birth. We prayed to God and sought the powerful intercession of Our Lady and St Gerard with all our hearts. Those months were filled with worry and constant prayer. Two weeks before the baby was born, I had another scan and the results reduced me to tears and unimaginable fear. I was told that apart from club feet, the baby had other problems too. We continued praying for the intercession of St Gerard and what happened was nothing short of a mighty miracle! When our darling little one was finally born, she was perfect in every way! Maria remains the light of our lives and the joy of our days! Her two older brothers could not have gotten a more loving and adorable little sis! Thanks to our mighty Lord and our most loving Mama Mary and dearest St Gerard! 


Please pray for my daughter, she is suffering from skin problem for more than a year. Please pray for her. 

Diago Almeida

Had gone to a pilgrimage to the holy land on 7th March was running out of breath every 4 steps of walking. My wife and daughter had to lift me on their shoulders and carry me to the bus on 17th March I landed in India at 6 in the morning and landed in the hospital at 9 .under went angiography with 3 major blocks. Am better now. Require a lot of prayers. I don't know which Saint helped me but it it was definitely JeSUS Mother Mary and St Joseph  


My son Malcolm was born on Mother's Day. When he was a toddler his father, one day, was very despondent to a point that I was deeply concerned. He said to m: " I'm going to the hardware store, I'll take Malcolm with me." That was to relieve me of the responsibility so I could get some work done. The minute they left I knelt on the kitchen floor and prayed to St. Gerard. They came back and my husband was happy, singing as he entered. He told me several people had stopped him to say what a beautiful child he had with him. When Mal was born the doctor had said he would not be due for another 4 hours or so, and he would go across town and be back in time. However, the baby decided differently. The nurse said, "You little ladies make me sick. You are always...." and I said, "but the baby is here, it's head is already out. She rang for a nurse. There was no one around. One came by and she fainted. So the defiant nurse helped him into the world herself. I had no anesthesia so was able to call my family, and they waved to me from the parking lot which I could see from my room in the hospital. 


Please Good Fathers I would ask you to please monitor this website of the testimonials, This is run by Catholic Priests and someone is spreading a witchcraft website and dabbling in the occult with trying to get pregnant, This is a grave Sin in the Catholic Church and not to be encouraged, Please take down the testimonial of the person spreading a witch doctors website to help a couple conceive , I am sure St Gerard would be horrified, Also someone else is asking for prayers to conceive with their partner, which alludes to no marriage, Conceiving outside of marriage with a partner and not with your wife or Husband is fornication, Or partner in a homosexual union would also be against Holy Mother Church teaching, Someone is also conceiving with invitro fertilization which is a grave Sin against the Catholic Church, When these are left on here and on not corrected people may get the idea that the Redemdorist Good Fathers and the Catholic Church and Good Saint Gerard allow all this and are in agreement with this, Spiritual work of mercy, Admonish the sin not the sinner, Thankyou and God Bless, AveMaria  

Annie Pulumbarit Papasin

St . Gerard was my patron saint when I first conceived our first born child. He was born July 24,1985 & we named him , Redmond Gerard Pulumbarit Papasin . I lost my Red due to car accident January 12,2010. He was a very good person as testified by the people who all became a part of his life. During his wake, the place was full pack all the time, to the point that others have to stay outside the room at the funeral parlor. Flowers were overflowing & Mass cards was almost 100 pieces. Everyone were crying & saying how Redmond Gerard touch their lives. He was so attached to people outside our family circle. He spent his 24 years , 5 months & 18 days not only with his family but half of his life with people that surrounds him. After his interment, I tried to function & went to the bookstore to get office supplies for our office . There I past by the spiritual books & so I ask the Lord to show me which material to get that would help me with the pain I'm going through. I choose the Daily Bread, & when I got home I turn it to the page dated Jan 12. The topic was beyond help & the verse says... assuredly, I say to you , Today you will be with me in paradise , Luke 23:43. I was devasted when the accident happen because he was Almost DOA at that time. But with all that's happening, I've been holding on to my Lord. Before he was embalmed , I pray , hug & kiss my red for the last time. My last words were , my Lord I am giving back to you my beloved son, the child that you ask me to take care. Painful until know but our Lord has revealed & made my healing well. Redmond Gerard may not be physically here with us but , God has promise that my first born will be with us ( me, his dad & his 4 siblings) to pray , guide , protect & be our guardian angel.... Our AngelRed🙏🏼❤️👼🏻 

I want to thank God for what he's done in my life thus far. I graduated from the uirievsnty in 2008, with the dream of doing my Masters abroad but it wasn't forthcoming. I applied to a uirievsnty in Canada in 2011 but my application was turned down. Later that year when I was seeing if I could apply to other universities for admission in 2012, the spirit of God told me to mail that same school that refused me admission earlier in the year, which I did and to my greatest surprise, the school replied and were asking me are you still interested in coming?, just reply yes and we will send your admission letter . I couldn't believe it, with the speed of light I replied yes and that was how I got admission with funding attached.This testimony was borne out of the fact that I made a pledge that if God can grant me a Visa I will testify to his goodness in my life. When I filled my application for the Canadian Visa, somehow I omitted a very vital document that without it one's application was going to be returned, but I prayed to God and he had his way, before I knew it, I was called up for medicals and in the month of grace, I received grace from heaven and my Visa was issued on the 31st of May .I didn't get to know this until the 15th of June when I was asleep and I felt so restless in the night,something led me to prayer after which the spirit led me to track my Visa application, I broke down to tears when I found out it had been ready for pick-up, with the conviction in my heart that the lord had done it. On getting to the pick up centre on June 18th, lo and behold my Visa was there to welcome me I am now in Canada for my M.Sc program, Praise ye the Lord!!!!!!

I want to thank God for what he's done in my life thus far. I graduated from the uirievsnty in 2008, with the dream of doing my Masters abroad but it wasn't forthcoming. I applied to a uirievsnty in Canada in 2011 but my application was turned down. Later that year when I was seeing if I could apply to other universities for admission in 2012, the spirit of God told me to mail that same school that refused me admission earlier in the year, which I did and to my greatest surprise, the school replied and were asking me are you still interested in coming?, just reply yes and we will send your admission letter . I couldn't believe it, with the speed of light I replied yes and that was how I got admission with funding attached.This testimony was borne out of the fact that I made a pledge that if God can grant me a Visa I will testify to his goodness in my life. When I filled my application for the Canadian Visa, somehow I omitted a very vital document that without it one's application was going to be returned, but I prayed to God and he had his way, before I knew it, I was called up for medicals and in the month of grace, I received grace from heaven and my Visa was issued on the 31st of May .I didn't get to know this until the 15th of June when I was asleep and I felt so restless in the night,something led me to prayer after which the spirit led me to track my Visa application, I broke down to tears when I found out it had been ready for pick-up, with the conviction in my heart that the lord had done it. On getting to the pick up centre on June 18th, lo and behold my Visa was there to welcome me I am now in Canada for my M.Sc program, Praise ye the Lord!!!!!! 


I have a difficulty in concieving its been years.I Pray that St.Gerard will take care of my situation. I will continue praying for all women who are in the same Situation.God Bless. 

Donna Geralyn Bokamper Casalone

I was born 3 months premature in 1955. I only weighed 3 pounds 8 ounces. The Doctors said that I might not live. My mother prayed to St. Gerard....." St. Gerard if you let my baby live, I will name her after you." I proudly wear the name Donna Geralyn after Our Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Gerard and have a great devotion to them both. I am now 60 years old... alive and well. Praise God! I have 2 grown sons and have also named one on my sons after St. Gerard. Thank you St. Gerard for your intercession! 

Carolina Garcia calisi

Hello ,god bless you. My name is. Carolina. I'm been trying to have one of my own. For years . I was married . Not anymore. I'm found my true sweetheart . And happy. But i want to be even more happy is there was a blessing from god of a child on my own. I been. Given my helping hand to loved ones and strangers. I'm a healer ,lover , believers. Now i need your help for a blessings from God a child of my own. :'(  

Jing Layat

I lost my baby in 2014 at 7 weeks, it was so depressing. I prayed that God will grant me another child as my eldest is already 5 yrs old and we wanted to have another baby. In dec of 2015, i found out i was pregnant, but due to hypertension and diabetes i was hospitalized. I prayed and am still praying everday for me and my unborn baby. I came across the internet the name of St. Gerard, i prayed to him and the blessed mother to help me and my baby, so far im in my 18 to 19 weeks of pregnancy. And still praying that i will be able to deliver my baby safely and at the proper due date. Thank you 

Maureen Tay

Thanks to Saint Gerard for answering my prayer. My daughter-in-law Betty nearly had a C-section and Doctor gave half an hour more to try for natural birth. She held on tightly to St Gerard's medal in her palm and finally was able to deliver a healthy baby boy. And just to mention Betty is not a Catholic but she put her trust in St Gerard. 


Thanks to Saint Gerard for prayers answered. Please continue to look after my wife and unborn child. We are forever grateful for your intercessions thus far. 

Mary Elizabeth Smith

I want to thank St Gerard for helping us again in the birth of our second child. In my 35th week of pregnancy, my doctor wanted to induce me at 36 weeks, which would likely result in a C-section for me and the NICU for our baby. After seeking a second opinions, my husband and I believed my doctor's fears and desire to induce may be unfounded. By the grace of God, we found another OB practice willing to take me on at 36 weeks pregnant. (OB practices in my area usually won't take a new patient more than 16 weeks pregnant). The hospital where this practice delivered babies was 1 hour away from our home. I went into spontaneous labor at 39 weeks. I had very little pain during early labor. By the time my husband got home and we left for the hospital, my contractions were 6 minutes apart. Within 30 minutes into the drive, the contractions had progressed to less than 1 minute apart and I felt the urge to push. My husband was driving as fast as he could. I began praying Hail Mary's followed by "pray for us St Gerard, that we may be worthy of the promises of Christ." When we burst into the hospital, our OB doctor had not yet arrived. Our baby was delivered vaginally by two very experienced L&D nurses. After 2 pushes, her head popped out. The cord was wrapped around our baby's neck and the nurses kept their cool and knew just what to do. After 1 more push, she was out. She was delivered within 3 minutes of our arrival to the L&D unit. Our baby is healthy and perfect. We feel so grateful to the Blessed Mother and St Gerard to have safely made it to the hospital and have a safe and healthy vaginal delivery and baby. After previously having a horrible ruptured ectopic pregnancy, this baby is such a beautiful answer to prayer. I hope this story is inspiring to others and encourages devotion to St Gerard. He is such an awesome saint. 


Dear St. Gerard, through your intercession, pray for me and my husband to heal us and bless us to conceive. Let my womb be worthy of bearing a child that will make us a family who will always glorify, bless and thank the Lord our God. We pray this in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen. St. Gerard, pray for us. 


I had difficulty conceiving 3 years ago when my husband and I began trying to have children. When I heard that St. Gerard was the patron Saint of mothers I decided to pray to him for help. He came through. I conceived in July of 2014 and gave birth to a beautiful baby boy in April of 2015. I hope he will come through for us again as I would love to have more children. Pray for me. I will certainly pray for all women out there who want to become mothers. Thanks, Paula 


Please Saint Gerard, Please help me and mu husband to conceive a healthy baby. I promise in your name to name my children after you. Nothing is impossible. Thanks Vera 

He is about the most beautiful llttie boy I've ever seen! Congratulations, Leslie and John! This blog has reminded me of how much we all have to be thankful for and to remind me that God is good all the time and He doesn't make mistakes.You are very lucky to have this gift from God and I will continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

He is about the most beautiful llttie boy I've ever seen! Congratulations, Leslie and John! This blog has reminded me of how much we all have to be thankful for and to remind me that God is good all the time and He doesn't make mistakes.You are very lucky to have this gift from God and I will continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers. 


Leslie and John: Don't really know you kids, but I think you are the grseteat couple who through your faith and beliefs deserve the grseteat gift from God , your darling son Isaiah. Let's hope you can prove the Drs. wrong in their predictions. There is a lot of power in prayer, and you are in mine daily. Isaiah should have a lot going for him with the name you have chosen! Be steadfast in your love and caring and your reward will be great! Love and Prayers, Aunt Florence 

Beena George

Dear St. Gerard, Please pray that my treatment will be successful and I will be able to deliver a healthy baby. I am going through a lot of suffering for not being able to conceive with all my treatments being unsuccessful, the pain is so severe that I am not able to take it further. Please intercede for me so that my prayers are answered. Thank you. 


Hi, The testimony from Linda is all the same and one person! They were too long to write so wrote in separate entry's,!! Sorry for confusing, but its all one testimony!! Linda AveMaria 

Elizabeth & Santo

Dear St Gerard, through your powerful intercession we are blessed with a baby boy on June 25th, 2015. He is an absolute joy and miracle in our life . Thank you so much and sorry for the delayed testimony. I encourage everyone who are trying to concieve, he is a powerful interced to God. Thank you Jesus, mother Mary and St Gerard for our little Lucas . 


, Thankyou for allowing me to share my testimony and for anyone listening, < When I made my confirmation I got a medal of him and a Statue of him, , I would wear my medal always and keep the hankerchief touched to his tomb under my pillow at night, and always keep it close to me and took it to the hospital when delivery time came. I also miscarried and no matter how many children you have a miscarriage hurts, You are excited to have a baby and in instead your baby is gone, I was so upset, Saint Gerard was so good, and God that we found out we were pregnant right away the very next month! That to me is a true miracle, as their are countless miracles attributed to St. Gerard, The Shrine of St, Gerard in NJ has published a book on all the miracles and answered prayers St. Gerard has answered, I could go on and on about the love Saint Geard has and the power and strength God hears St Gerard prayers for us ,Every day on his feast day they have a huge Mass and Celebration the whole day giving thanks and prayers offered to him,, Praying for St. Gerard in Thanksgiving for so many Blessings, and answered prayers, Thankyou St. Gerard, We love you!! , Blessings, AveMaria Linda  


, He is such a special special Friend to so many people His life was one of deep deep Humility, prayer and deep love of Our Lord. One time St. Gerard was falsely accused of going after a girl in the community and He just kept silent about it. , He was restricted from Holy Communion and He got all kinds of punishments for it, , Finally the girl came forward and said she lied, ( In the end the girl ended up becoming a Nun) St, Gerard had been praying for her the whole time while He was falsely accused, , St< Gerard, knew He was innocent. , When Saint Alphonse Ligouri His Superior at the time, said Why didnt you say you didnt do it? Saint Gerard said He was following the rule book of their Order and also He said, Our Lord stayed silent with his detractors and He was wamted to copy Our Lord,!!! Saint Gerard did so many miracles, He was also a tailor, Sometimes He would run out of material and somehow the material would stretch itself to make a suit or whatever He was sewing to finish the project. Also He would give out bread to the poor and the Community of brothers He was living with would get upset with him because they got worried saying their would be no food left for them but instead their pantry stayed the same as if no bread was given out! that from which St, Gerard gave out, One of our Sons has had many brain surgerys, Our Lord and Blessed Mother and, St, Gerard was my constant companions and Our Son Thanks be to God came thru every Surgery successfully, , Prayer is powerful, Always have faith and your prayers will be answered in Gods time, Hopefully its close to your time too!! Blessed be Saint Gerard, He is a Great Great Saint, Blessed be God and the Holy Family. 


, I always wanted to be a Mother in life, Thats all I wanted, to be. St. Gerard and Our Good Lord and Blessed Mother answered prayer after prayer of being able to conceive and allowed us to have a family of 11 children, ( with one husband!!) and Still Married today< Thanks be to God,! We have 2 Sons middle names named after St. Gerard and also one of our Sons took St. Gerard for his Confirmation name. , Saint Gerard is such a powerful Saint. , During one Pregnancy the doctor saw something not right in the sonogram and I had to stay in bed for a week,and I was starting to bleed, Our Pastor had a first class relic of Saint Gerard and when He touched it to my stomach, after that all was well, bleeding had stopped and, Had a healthy delivery and wonderful baby Son. Also our second baby I started to stain and had to stay in bed for a week, I thought I was going to miscarry, I Prayed my heart out to St/ Gerard and all prayers answered,, Delivered beautiful baby daughter with no complications, Our Last baby I was age 46 at time of delivery and again with prayers to Our Lord and Blessed Mother and St. Gerard,, when everyone starts scaring you about your age, Our baby is a healthy young boy today Thanks be to God, thru the intersession of many prayers.answered. I know of a woman whos docotor said she had a huge fibroid and that her doctor said she would never be able to have children, She had 10 children praying to St. Gerard!! and the powerful 54 rosary novena to Blessed Mother, All is possible with Saint Gerard! He loves helping couples have babies either physically or thru adoption. and He is also the patron Saint of unborn children, He helps tremendously in the prolife sphere where so many babys arent given a chance to have life when Moms are choosing abortion, I dont have the right words on how to express my thanks to St. Gerard, One day I hope to visit his tomb in Italy and His Shrine there.  


I am so happy for this testimonial page, I have always wanted to write to the Saint Gerard League and thank him for his many blessings that He bestowed upon our family and My Husband and Myself, I always promised I would write in but dont think ever did, Now with the internet how things change I am so happy to be able to share my testimonial,and hopefully inspire others about this Great Saint, Saint Gerard, Thankyou Saint Gerard, I love you SO much!! Some day in All Eternity I cant wait to meet you!! , I learned about Saint Gerard many many years ago when I was a young girl of 15 babysitting for our neighbor across the street Mrs Reilly who had five children, This woman had such a deep love and devotion to St. Gerard and she taught me all about him and passed on her faith for St. Gerard on to me. , She gave me a Phamlet book explaining his life and it had some prayers in the back of it, , She told me He was the Patron Saint of Mothers, I read the story about how St, Gerard helped the woman giving birth who her and her baby were in serious danger of dying and and she remembered she had St Gerards hankerchief in her drawer from when she was a young girl which St. Gerard, dropped and when she went to return it to him , St. Gerard, told her to keep it that one day she might need it, The girl grew up to be a woman and she had a baby and during her labor she and her baby were in danger of dying, but she remembered St. Gerards hankerchief in her drawer and she remembered his words, So as soon as the hankerchief was touched to her all danger was gone and she delivered her baby safely and her life was spared as well. They then ended up passing this hankerchief around this little village in Italy,for all the Moms pregnant and having babys, , I am so greatful for Father in the St Gerard Shrine in the United States at St Lucys Church in Newark NJ that He goes every year and touches hankerchiefs to St. Gerards tomb and the Shrine He runs in Newark New Jersey and will send one of these hankerchiefs touched to St. Gerards tomb to anyone who asks for one,, You can google St< Lucys Church Newark NJ and call the rectory and they will send you one , Or you can write to them, It is so special to have this. , After I learned about St Gerard, I took him for my Confirmation name, with the feminine form Geradette, ( Other feminine forms are Gerada. Geralyn Geraldine and also Maiella or Majella After Saint Gerards last name, Majella, ( different pronunciations)  


I want to thank St.Gerard for his powerful intercession for God Almighty and our Mother of perpetual help stood by me on the 29th of January, 2016 when my labour pains proceeded with some much pain and my baby was diagnosed to be in distress,i suddenly become strong and hopeful that her heart beat will stabilise and I would not have a C-section like the doc said I would if d heart rate does not normalise and I rebuked him and drew strength from all d novenas I offered through St.Gerard every 1st-9th day of all my pregnancy duration and our Mother of perpetual help praying for a miraculous delivery and a fast labour and d good Lord answered after I cried out in pains "forget me not Lord,forget me not and let my enemies not rejoice over me for I will not die in pains,amen".I started dilating very fast and my baby's heart normalized and in 4 hours, my little girl was born hale and healthy.Thank God through St.Gerard miraculous intercession and our Mother of Perpetual help for safe delivery and the birth of our 2nd Child.May God alone be all praises forever and ever, amen 


Asking for prayers please St Gerard pray for me and my partner to conceive a baby soon we have being wishing and praying but I know st Gerard will help us please pray for us amen❤️ 


I was having trouble conceiving my first child. By the grace of God I underwent fertility treatment with a UTI I prayed a novena to st Gerard express my desire to have a child a month letter I fell pregnant with my son on the very first round of fertility treatment and UTI god bless 


Please include us in your prayers. My husband and I have been married for 12 years and still I haven't conceived yet. I had miscarriage 2 years ago and never conceived since then. We're praying that God will bless us even just one child. 


Asking for prayers! My husband and I have been married for 3 years. We've been trying to conceive since we said "I do", with no luck. We have both been diagnosed with infertility issues. We ask you to help pray for us to God our Father and St.Gerard that we may be blessed with a healthy baby. Amen 


prayers for my daughter in pregnancy 


My son was marked with the name Gerard seconds after he was born. He is 35 years old now and is lost about his sexual identity. I pray and believe that St. Gerard will show him the right path and lead him to to find love in a woman who will truly return his love. Please join me in prayer as their love be joined together witb God's divine love and they be blessed with many children and live in God's divine grace of love. I believe St. Gerard will lead my son to Jesus. Amen. 


Thank you St Gerard. Please add my husband and I to your prayers that we conceive and start out family! We continue to pray to St. Gerard and Mary and will keep those who struggle in our prayers also. Love and blessings! ❤️ 

Annie M

I am 53 years old and recently got married for the very first time. St Gerard has performed many miracles for my husband and his family. Please keep me and my husband in your prayers to St Gerard as we are praying for twins. This indeed would be miraculous as all my doctors tell me i won't conceive due to my age. May Jesus be glorified in a hopefully soon pregnancy. Thank you all here for praying for us. God bless you. 


After 2 miscarriages and various medications, my daughter and son in law were blessed with a healthy baby boy on 12/15/15. I truly believe in the power of prayer. St Gerard's Feast Day is on my birthday, October 16th-I prayed daily and lit candles for my daughter and 2 other young women. All 3 were blessed with healthy children this year after miscarriages. Thank you! 


we lost all the hopes that we have,pressured and struggling much for all the pains physically and emotionally,Dear St. Gerard,please hear our prayers to bless us with a child,been trying to have one for 7 years..i surrender all and lift everything,please hear our prayers to have a child...Amen 

Ann Bernadette espino

Thank you St.Gerard I already receive my booklet and medal.please continue praying for me&my husband for us to conceive.thank you very much. 


My husband and I have a beautiful 2 yr old daughter but we wanted another baby. We tried for many months with no success and I started having constant nausea. I went to the doctor who determined that I was not pregnant but that I was having problems with my blood sugar. I was put on medication and told to keep trying. We tried a few more months and still nothing. Desperate, I searched the internet one night and came across the story of St. Gerard. Not knowing what else to do I printed the prayer for later. I started including it in my daily prayers and the next month I found out I am pregnant with our second child! I am now 22 weeks with another daughter and I KNOW in my heart that St. Gerard helped us in this.  

Wendy S.

Our prayers were answered, with the greatest joy possible. After 5 years of infertility treatments, IVF, & many more, we stopped, gave it over and prayed- to Our Father God, Blessed Mother, and St. Gerard. I will forever carry St. Gerard in my heart and around my neck. He also has a special place in our daughter's nursery. Our pregnancy was difficult but we were protected, guided through, and blessed with the best gift ever- Our daughter. 


I pray for St. Gerard to intercede for my husband and I to have the blessing of one day becoming parents to a healthy baby. I have been married for 6 years and we have not been able to conceive. All the doctors state that we are perfectly healthy. We know that one day God , blessed Mary and St. Gerard will make this miracle happen for us. Amen. I believe that through God this can happen. Please GOD make it happen for us this year.  

Mary Elizabeth Smith

I want to thank the league of St Gerard for this site. I also am always thankful for St Gerard's intercession. When I was 41 weeks pregnant with my 1st child, I prayed the St Gerard - Start Labor prayer over and over along with the novena while I walked to try to initiate labor. I remember that Start Labor prayer petitioned St Gerard that I deliver the baby in 3 pushes. At the time I thought that request was unrealistic, but I prayed it anyway. I spontaneously went into labor that night and vaginally delivered our healthy daughter after only 8 hours of contractions and 3 pushes! Then later I had a ruptured ectopic pregnancy and lost my right fallopian tube. I was warned that my fertility and ability to conceive was now decreased and it would be very difficult to conceive any of the months that I ovulated on the right side with no tube. On top of that I was 37 yrs old. I prayed to St Gerard, the Blessed Mother, St Joseph, St Anthony, St Gabriel daily for several months. When my husband and I tried again, we conceived the first month and the baby was safely implanted in my uterus. Even more shocking was that the ultrasound showed that I ovulated from the right ovary and somehow my 1 left fallopian tube picked it up. More than one doctor has told me that the odds of all this occurring and at my age was less than 2% and its a miracle. I credit the miracle to the intercession of all the Saints listed above to whom I cried and begged for help. I am now 37 weeks pregnant with this child and am so grateful. I'm praying for another safe vaginal delivery and a healthy baby. 


While I am blessed with a 6 year old amazing son. My heart still desires additional children to love. Please help us fine our path in foster care, adoption or to conceive to grow our family. In your name I pray.  

Theresa Tsetim

I want to specially thank the League of St. Gerard for sending my Certificate, Novena Booklet, prayer card and a medal, I am the happiest person today and I pray God will give the strength to use these items to the glory of his name. Thank you 


Please pray for my husband and I to conceive a beautiful and healthy baby. We have been together for 2 years and never got pregnant. Please Saint Gerard pray for us and bless us with a happy and healthy family. I feel empty and lost without a child to make me smile every morning. I feel sad and helpless at times. Amen  


St Gerard please intercede for us on our behalf. Please bless us with another healthy baby so my first born can grow up with a sibling. Thank you for hearing my prayers. Amen.  


I have just been blessed with my beautiful son after a straightforward conception and great pregnancy thanks to the intercession of St. Gerard. The labour was also without issue or problems and I thank St. Gerard's intercession for the wonderful opportunity of becoming a mother. I pray that through prayer I will recieve the strength and ability to look after this precious gift and be a great mother to my son. 

Clarence LaFuentes II

I am very thankful for the many prayers these past 8 years of several nieces and the blessed event, the pregnancy, ending in good health for the mother and child/ mothers and children. The Catholic Hearth, formerly published by the Neumann press, had an article from AD 1991 of a miraculous birth of baby boy and the use of a relic of St. John Neumann, C.S.s.R.  


Lord I ask that my husband and I may be given the opportunity to conceive, have a successful pregnancy and a safe birth to children that we may raise up as heirs to the kingdom of God. St. Gerard, Pray for us. 

Julanie pat

dear st gerard please give me and my husband asking for a healthy child it would be wonderful that this year hofully i. Carry a chiild in my womb hope my wish would be grant and conceive...thank yo 

Del Miguel Arcilla

When my first child was going on four, 43 years ago, my husband and I wanted to have another child. We prayed. And out of the blue, I found a novena among my personal things surprisingly a Novena to St Gerard I was not familiar with the saint. He was dressed like a Roman Centurion. I prayed to him using the novena until I conceived our second son until he was born. I kept the Novena upto this writing. It was only several years agter did I read the story of St Gerard Magella Thank you Lord for St. Gerard our St Of Mothers and unborn child.  


Lord Almighty, Thank you for blessing my husband and I with our 2 year-old daughter, who has brought us great joy in our lives. Through the intercession of St. Gianna, we pray for the health and development of our unborn baby who, through ultrasounds, will be undergoing genetic testing in the upcoming week. 


dear st. Gerard! Please give me and my husband the best gift and help us conceive.  

Vera Rivera

Please St. Gerard, Please help me and my husband to conceive a healthy baby. Thank you St. Gerard. 

Linda Vasquez

Saint Gerard, I pray to you to help me concive this year. I put all my faith to you my dear Saint, I have not been able to concive since my first child which is 7 years now. Please i pray to you to heal my Pcos and all health related problems that put me in that factor to not concive . Thank you dear Saint Gerard 

Maria Cesari

Saint Gerard, Please pray for my husband and I to conceive a healthy baby soon. I'm so stressed thingking about when I get pregnant. After all this years im also praying it to the almighty GOD and I hope it will come this year.. In Jesus name. Amen   

Maria Cesari

Saint Gerald Please pray for my husband and I to conceive a healthy baby soon. I'm so stressed thingking about when I get pregnant. After all this years im also praying it to the almighty GOD and I hope it will come this year.. In Jesus name. Amen  

Maria Cesari

Please pray for my husband and I to conceive a healthy baby soon. I'm so stressed thingking about when I get pregnant. After all this years im also praying it to the almighty GOD and I hope it will come this year.. In Jesus name. Amen 


Please pray for my husband and I to conceive a beautiful and healthy baby. We have been married for 3 years and never got pregnant. I am only 27 years old and unable to have children. Please Saint Gerard pray for us and bless us with a happy and healthy family. I feel empty and lost without a child to make me smile every morning. I feel sad and helpless at times. Amen 

vera carungui

St.Gerard, please help me and my husband to conceive a child. We have been wanting a child for two years. Please bless me and grant our wish in gods perfect time. In jesus name. Amen 


St. Gerald please protect me and my unborn child always.. please let me ang my baby be always healthy 


Dear Saint Gerard,please help me and my husband to conceive we are 3yrs.I'm marriage but till now no baby yet...last year I have history of miscarriage I lost my little angel... but I so trust in you and I know you will give us again another little angel this I ask in Jesus name Amen.  


My first born was given to us by God by our constant intercession to st Gerard . Now I'm pregnant with our second child. Praying to st Gerard to protect me in my labour and intercede to God for a healthy baby. 

mary grace

Dear Saint Gerard,thank you for all the blessings that you've given to us specially those monthers,soon to be mothers,and all.please include me to your prayers so that i will be able to conceive.im working abroad and away to my husband 2 times per year imhoing for vacation hoping that during my vacation we will able to have baby.Amen 


Dear Saint Gerard, please help my unborn child to born healthy and happy. The doctor has told us there is an increased risk of birth defects but please give this baby your love and watch over baby for a happy, healthy life. 


Dear Saint Gerard, Please help me to conceive soon. I have a fertility problem. Please iclude me and my husband to your prayer.In Jesus Name. Amen. 

Shelley DiFabio Seidita

I was just looking at pictures from today's family picnic birthday party... All the kids...SAINT GERARD was with each mom and baby..thank you for all our MIRACLES....our grandma introduced all her granddaughters to SAINT GERARD when we were pregnant...enrolled all of us and instructed us to wear the medal next to the baby...we carried this on to our children..boys and girls.....thank you for all our babies and grandchildren.....I enrolled my sons fiancée in California....I now have a beautiful, healthy little granddaughter on the west coast..and my 2 grandchildren here...SAINT GERARD thank you....love -S 


Dear St. Gerard, Please help me manage my diagnosis of Gestational Diabetes and watch over me so that I can have a healthy, natural birth and a healthy baby.  


After much praying to St. Gerard in thanks for my blessings, for other mothers, and myself, I conceived a healthy baby boy who is my love and joy. I continue to pray for those hoping for families, mothers and partners that are either trying, pregnant, or living as families with their baby. I am ever thankful to St. Gerard for his blessings with my baby boy and hope he will grant me yet another blessing in the future when I try again.  


After 81/2 months of praying to St. Gerard, my daughter had a safe and good delivery and welcomed a beautiful daughter into this world. There were obstacles but St. Gerard saw her through them all.  

nibras mughal

St. GERARD'S LIFE INSPIRED ME ALLOT I GOT THE NEWS UNEXPECTEDLY THAT I WAS POSITIVE WITH BABY. My mother in law use to pray from him for my sister in law she also conceived after 7 years. we are due near by and praying from st. Gerard to help us in the time of Labour. amen. 


St. Gerard truly blesses those who have a devotion to him and to Mary. I touched a handkerchief to a reliquary box that held his relic in it and believe the possession of this handkerchief brings me closer to St. Gerard. I had two ultrasounds performed the same day, by the same doctors, within a 5 minute time span. The first ultrasound was inconclusive and the second they described a healthy baby with a heartbeat. The doctors and technician were amazed because they saw two completely different results in each ultrasound and said it was as if they had done ultrasounds on two different women. After the first ultrasound was inconclusive I quickly grabbed the handkerchief and began to pray. The only difference between the two ultrasounds was that for the first I was not holding the handkerchief and the second I was clutching onto it and praying to St. Gerard and Mary. I just found out my due date is The feast of the Annunciation and I know that is not a coincidence. Keep praying, keep believing, and keep trusting in God. I have waited a while for the opportunity to become a mother, and have struggled and been through a lot. I know many of you are waiting and struggling too. Stay strong and pray - especially through the difficult times. I am praying for you all as well. God Bless! Thank you St. Gerard!  

Scholastica Okafor

Thanks to St Gerard for a peaceful,wonderful wedding ceremony of my brother Emmanuel Obiorah on d 25th july 2015. The weather was cool n bright as i prayed.  

Sylvia liu

Dear St Gerard, thank you for your bless. I've prayed for your help to give a child, and now I'm pregnant with triplets. What a beautiful gift. Please help me with smooth delivery of your 3 gifts. And please help those couples who still struggle to have their own child. In Jesus name I pray. Amen 


Dear St Gerard. I ask that you help us and let this early pregnancy flourish. We have been told there is little hope of viability, but with your intervention and care then I know it is possible. I place my unborn child in your care and pray for a better outcome than predicted. Amen. 


Dear Saint Gerard, Please help my husband and I get pregnant after our miscarriage. I am starting to get very discouraged. I will be saying your prayer every night and wearing a necklace with you on it. Please hear my prayer. Amen.  


Dear St Gerard. Life has not been easy for my family, but with the Lord's grace we have been coping with all the humps and bumps of life. We have been trying for a second child for the past few months but with no success yet. I believe it will happen in God's perfect time. St Gerard, please help us say a prayer for a positive pregnancy soon. In the name of God's precious Son, Jesus. Amen 


Please pray that my husband and I will be blessed with a healthy baby, we have been trying for the last two years and I have had fertility treatments. Although I am young they feel it is an egg quality issue. I have been praying to our lord Jesus and to our blessed Virgin Mary and have been blessed with padre pio'so glove before my last fertility treatment ivf. Unfortunately no joy. My husband is a only child and we both would dearly love to be blessed with a healthy child of our own. Please please please pray for us. My period is a week late this month, I took a pregnancy test this morning but it was negative. I am very down about my infertility. I place all my trust in God, Blessed Virgin Mary and all the heavenly saints, please hear and answer my prayer. Amen 


Thank you Saint Gerard for your intercession. My husband and I have prayed a novena to you, visited a small shrine to you, and continue to pray daily to you. You blessed us with a miracle and we have conceived a baby, our first. I know my pregnancy will not be an easy one, and I am ok with that as long as I give birth to a healthy baby that can be baptized and live a full Christian life. Please help me continue to have faith that I will give birth to a healthy baby. I continue to pray for every couple here having difficulties conceiving and those who have lost their children. Please continue to intercede for us all, Amen. 


Dear St Gerard. Pls pray for me & my husband to conceive another healthy baby. In the name of the Father & of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.Amen 


I have a testimony to share,,My Name is Mrs Georgina Alexander am from the United State am now 54years old Am a Medical doctor in California,I married for about 24years ago without any child then me and my husband go for an adoption of 2kids male/female. Last years something wonderful and gracious happened to me i came across this witch doctor in the internet that promise to help me get pregnant which i totally disagree,,,How can i be pregnant looking my age he ask me not to worry that he only specialize on pregnancy no other. That after the job has been completed there is no any side effect,that was how he told me what to do which i did, could you believe i miss my periodical time that same Month and i was pregnant.Today am now the happiest woman on Earth,,While am i testify to this site i know there are a lot of people that are in this kind of trouble some will decide to commit suicide. please just do and contact him for help make him to understand that Mrs Georgina Alexander from USA directed you, his email fertilitytemple@yahoo.com Website: lovespellsolutiontemple.webs.com 

Mary Oleforo

Please pray for me and my husband to conceive this cycle. We want another child for our 3 year old daughter.  

Aiza and jeffrey gallo

St.Gerard pls help us to concieve a baby..we long for a child almost 4yrs.pls help us pray to our most almighty GOD that he will grant HIS precious GIFT to our life.pls help us that may GOD give us the good health and heal us from the illness in every cell of our body Thank you for your prayers. 

Aiza and jeffrey gallo

St.Gerard pls help us to concieve a baby..we long for a child almost 4yrs.pls help us pray to our most almighty GOD that he will grant HIS precious GIFT to our life. Thank you for your prayers. 

juanita mireles

St Gerald I ask that you intercede for me and Eric we have been trying to conceive our son who we both have dream of . I ask you heal my body To be healthy to carry our baby .For Lucas to be healthy and for me and Eric to raise him as u desire. I pray for all that are trying to concieve .I believe in God and i thank him now at this very moment because I know in my heart he will bless us in Jesus name Amen  


Please pray for me and my husband to have a baby of our own. In jesus name i pray . amen. 


St.Gerard please bless me and my unborn child may I have a full term and healthy pregnancy .. Bless all of those trying to concieve and those who are currently pregnant may you bless them with healthy children. Amen  

maricar jane manuel

St. Gerard you know my heart's deepest desire which is for me to conceive and have a healthy normal baby of ours. we've been married for 11 years but still hoping that one day a miracle will happen and i believe nothing is impossible. Please grant our heart's desire. Amen. 


Just reading all theses testimonials, I feel like you already blessed me St. Gerard. I am suffering with Pcos since 2008 and its been almost 8 years now since we've been married. Sometimes I feel like there is no hope for me to conceive a child but I know God will bless us someday. St. Gerard please pray for me to God, to heal my body so that it is ready to conceive, and have a baby. I want to be a mother, and give my husband children. Forgive me my sins and I promise to always pray the rosary and your novena. Thy will be done oh Lord. Blessed be St. Gerard. 


We were blessed by God with a healthy baby girl after 12 years of waiting through the intersession of St Gerard were so grateful to God and St Gerard I hope that anybody who ask favor wont lose hope for God is listening thru His Saints itll just come in the right time and situation keep asking one day it will be done God bless 

scholastica okafor

O powerful St Gerard, thank you for blessing My brothers wife with fruit oif the womb. I pray and believe that you will also bless me and my Sister Lady Jane with fruit of the womb and healing in our wombs through Christ our Lord Amen.  

Francis DSouza

Dear St Gerard, please pray for us, to get Children for three Years with no result.I know God can Does Miracle and is possible with God Through the merits and through the intercession of Blessed Virgin Mary,Mother Of God and St. Gerard .Thou will Bless our marriage with Children. Amen  

Francis kaloki

Please pray for me to get children.have tried for four years now with no results,i know there i a Living God who does miracle and is possible in Jesus name. 

Scholastica Okafor

St Gerard please bless me with triplets,bless my sister Jane Ayenwenre wt triplets, my brothers wife ,Ifeyinwa Obiorah with twins,my younger sister. Augustina Obiorah wt a rightful life partener. Deliver us from shame of barreness. Bless my husband Evaristus wt high sperm count$ prosper him  


st Gerald please defeat every Goroiath standing in our way of conception and bless us with twins n as was the case of Rebecca and issac n Jesus name amen 


St. Gerard please hear our hearts desire. Please let me experience your miracle. Now you are our hope... we us and pray .... amen  


st Gerald pls cure my husband of his azoospermia nd bless us with male and female children so that the world would know that you r a God of miracle  


St.Gerald please give us a baby please. 


After trying for over 12 years, to conceive a child, I had almost given up hope. I went to a St Gerard mass in October of 2014 and was pregnant in December! I believe that it was divine intervention, with all my heart. After so many years of trying and not being able to conceive, it happened. St Gerard worked! I didn't carry my pregnancy to term but I'm still wearing my blessed St Gerard medal that I got from mass and praying my novena.  

patricia umeh

Divine grace and mercy.St Gerard pray for us 


Please pray for me and for my family that our Lord Jesus Christ may bestow His divine mercy on us blessing us with family love, joy, financial favours and divine security unto my employment; May our Lord Jesus Christ grant my pregnant wife, Ijeoma, (who is expecting a baby in a couple of days from now) safe and successfully delivery of her baby to the glory of God, amen.  


St. Gerard. Please bless my daughter with a child of her own. A much wanted baby who will be loved, cherished and adored. I pray to you, our Lord in Heaven and his Blessed Mother. 


St. Gerard please heal my Mother, and make my wife pregnant... Hear our prayers... In Jesus Name AMEN 


St. Gerard please bless my pregnancy and allow it to continue so that we may have a healthy child. Lord please hear my prayer. Amen  


St. Gerard, thank you for all you do...Amen 

Alvin & Rubelen

St. Gerald and St. Padre Pio, Please pray for may wife to be a normalized his menstration period and ovulation day we been trying to have a baby for almost a year.. Lord answer my prayer...In Jesus name AMEN.  


St. Gerard please pray for us, please make wife pregnant... In Jesus name AMEN 


St. Gerald, please pray for my husband and me as we try to have another child. 

Michael Edgar Gagasa

St. Gerard please in Jesus name please make my wife pregnant for us to have a complete family.. AMEN... 


St. Gerard, Please intercede for us, as we would love nothing more than to bring another child into our family. We have a beautiful 6-year old daughter who is so eager to have a brother or sister of her own, and it aches my heart to hear her ask, but unsure of what to say. My husband and I would love to hold another baby in our arms, and our daughter has so much love in her heart to share with a sibling. Please help us to release anything that is blocking us, and pave the way for us to conceive easily in the near future to full term with a healthy new baby. Thank you! 


I want to share this in which I think was blessed because of my daughter, where do I begin it was May 15 1997 the day she came to the world and everything is fine but she was born with a cleft lip. At that instant I began to worry about a lot of things, things that should be done for her because of this. To make things even worse our island's economy is bankrupt at the time and to be referred overseas for this operation is bleak. Its was difficult for the next four months regarding our baby's health care and I asked my wife what are we going to do, my wife told me please find me my St Gerard novena booklet, at first I was a bit lost even though we've been married for 13 years its because I'm not a Catholic and she was. From that moment we pray for nine consecutive days and I was emotionally touch and to my disbelief we receive news that they are able to fly her to Australia for her operation. So she and my wife went to Australia and before they live my wife asked me to promise her that I will continue praying while they're gone and I said yes. I did what I promise my wife and wasn't aware of anything or something but say my novenas one after another. Then seven months later I was fortunate enough to fly to visit them for our daughter's first birthday and was miraculously amazed how things went their way despite the circumstances. I was overwhelmed with joy and emotions because I know my prayers have been answered. My daughter will be eighteen this year and I never told her how blessed I am to have her. AMEN 


St. Gerard please pray for me and for a safe and healthy pregnancy of our twins. After my miscarriage and stillbith last year I'm not sure how much more heart ache I can take. Please pray that these babies are healthy and that we are able to enjoy them for the rest of our life. Amen  


Thank you for everyone's prayers. 


Thank you St. Gerard for watching over us. 


St. Gerard Please pray for my husband and I. We have been trying for our first baby for over 1 year now. We are blessed to have have one another but want and would love a child as a reflection of us both. Please intercede for us. 


Praying for a successful IUI cycle. We have had 2 failed attempts since March. This will be our last chance. 

rowena and alfredo

Im praying St. Gerard that the iui would be a successful one this time.please St. Gerard, hear our prayers. 


St. Gerad, I pray that you will continue to bless me and my unborn child with a healthy pregnancy.  


St. Gerard, I pray that you help my wife to have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby in the very near future to complete our family here in Hawaii. I pray for your intercession St. Gerard for my wife's safe pregnancy and safe delivery of our precious little one. I pray in Jesus name, AMEN! 


Dear St. Gerard Majella, we pray through your intercession for our daughter who is pregnant that her pregnancy will continue to go well, that she will have a safe delivery, and the baby will be healthy. We also pray the baby will be born either on or before her due date. You know the reasons. Thank you St. Gerard.  


Thank you so much St. Gerard for hearing my prayers about me and my husband's lab tests. I went to my OB couple of weeks ago and our lab results are all normal. My eggs and his sperm are normal. Now my fear is undergoing another test which the OB calls HSG as I am having a hard time conceiving a child dear St. Gerard. I pray that I don't experience any pain and hardship in our wish of wanting to have a child of my own. It breaks my heart to wait and not knowing what is meant for both of us in the future. And to everyone who can read this prayer, please help me pray to St. Gerard that me and my husband will be blessed with a healthy, normal and God fearing bunder of joy. The only thing that keeps me going is my faith and hope that God has given me. But I am only human and my hope and faith is testing me how much longer can I hold on. Please hear my prayers and help me to carry a healthy pregnancy and that me and my husband will be blessed with a miracle. Amen. 

Annie & Kevin

We pray for your intercession St Gerrard to conceive and carry a healthy pregnancy. It s been 3years, we believe through our Lord Jesus all things are possible. Amen 


Dear St.Gerard, thank you for interceding for me. I am pregnant now. Please keep praying for mr so that I have a healthy pregnancy and give birth to a healthy child. I am very nervous and scared. Hoping for no complications. Thank you St. Gerard once again.  


Dear St Gerard. Pray for me and my unborn child. as I suffered miscarriage last year. Bless my baby oh St Gerard. I pray that I may have a healthy and happy pregnancy and safe delivery. I pray in jesus name Amen. Thank You. 


Please pray for me to have another child. It has been a difficult road.  

Delmi Manzanares

St. Gerard. Please pray for us. My husband and desire a baby so much. We have been trying for four months now. Please intercede for us. 


Dear St. Gerard..I pray to you hoping you can intercede for me. I pray to get pregnant. Trying for 2 years now. Please pray for us 


Dear st. Gerard I pray to you today as I find myself sad and hopeless. God has blessed me with 2 beautiful amazing, amazing lil boys who I love more than live itself. I also have a 14 year old step son who I have mother ed since he was 3. My husband and I have been trying for about 20 months to conceive again. I've had every test imaginable and everything is great they say. I had my boys both the first month we tried with both. I'm becoming very depressed and emotional each and every month that passes and I continue ue to get negative tests. I pray to you that through you and our heavenly father if their is something wrong that is causing us not to become pregnant that u help the drs. Try to figure it out so that we are able to have another child. I as a woman do not feel complete and it makes me so sad to think that I could be done having children. St. Gerard I pray to you for another beautiful, healthy baby. Babies make me so happy, being a mother makes me so happy. I pray that if it's in my life will you can intervene and guide us to bring another beautiful child into this world. Amen 

Ludka Frantisek

We have not any children. :-( We are married for 13 years. Saint Gerard, please pray for me and my husband to have a healthy baby.  

Gerard Downes

I must share my story. I am a male born on July 8, 1956. I was not made aware of how I was named until my dad told me on my twenty first birthday. My mom and I both had complications during her pregnancy, and I had to be born Cesarean Section. The doctor told m dad that he didn't think that my mom or I would live. Distraught, he went to the chapel, in the hospital, where a group of nuns were praying. Noticing that my dad was distraught, they prayed with him for my mom and I. When I was born, I was OK, but my mom lingered near death for quite a while - three months or so. The Redmptoris Fathers from St. Patrick's parish in Toronto placed a relic of St. Gerard under my mom's pillow and kept a prayer vigil for her, until finally her health was restored. She lived to mid eighties. I was to be named after by maternal grandfather, however, due to the circumstances of my birth and my mom's troubles, I was given the name Gerard. By the way, as my dad was suffering through his last days, my mom gave the very relic that was placed under her pillow, and I carry it with me daily. Thank you for allowing me to share my story.  


Dear st Gerard, please help my partner and I have a baby we are together 10 years and so badly want a family, are life's just aren't complete in Jesus name amen. X 

Mikel & Rose

Dear St. Gerard, please grant our prayer for a healthy baby, we trust you In Jesus name. AMEN St. Anne please pray for us. We love you Lord. AMEN 


Hello fellow believers, My story is not as happy as all of you as me and my husband is still trying to conceive a child. Please keep us in your prayers and help intercede for me that I will have a healthy, caring, kind, normal, loving, God-fearing, obedient and beautiful child of my own. Please give me hope and increase my faith that this miracle wish of mine is never possible to come true. Thank you all. Amen. 


Saint Gerard, please pray for me and my husband to have a healthy baby. We are married for 3 years and trying for a baby.we trust in you and your works. Bless us with good fertility so we can conceive healthy baby soon.Amen  

Caroline Simoes

My daughter is married for 4 years and I had just only heart about the powerful intercession of St.Gerard through a friend. Started praying regularly for my daughter and within a months time she became pregnant. Last week she gave birth to a healthy and beautiful baby girl. Praise God and thanks to St. Gerard and St. Anne's intercession. Our prayers have been answered. All glory to God. 

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