League of St. Gerard Newsletter

St. Gerard Devotion Experiences Rapid Growth

New St. Gerard Chapel Shrine Blessed by Redemptorists

Six years ago the Redemptorists of the Denver Province, through its Office of Mission Advancement, made a very conscious decision to promote devotion to St. Gerard Majella as The Mothers’ Saint. More recently, a renewed and concerted effort was made to increase this devotion. In order to do this, more attention was given to the Website, Facebook page and Newsletter..... Read More

St. Gerard's Enduring Popularity!

St. Gerard's Intercession Continues to Be Powerful Today

Why does Saint Gerard Majella still continue to be so popular today? Why is he more beloved than ever, all around the world? I believe St. Gerard Majella, our Redemptorist missionary brother, is still popular and dear to so many today simply because he gets things done! He obtains graces and blessings. He obtains miracles from the hands of our loving God. By the power of God’s love he works miracles.... Read More.

12 Kids, 100 Grandkids, and St. Gerard

Jerry Was Born a Blue Baby and the Whole Family Appealed for the Intercession of St. Gerard

My association with the Redemptorists began in 1959, when my mother Lucile Selsor began writing articles for the St. Gerard Bulletin. The St. Gerard Bulletin was a product of Liguori Publications and on the cover, above the title, were the words “The Magazine Mothers Read...." Read More



I would like to share the very good news of having a happy and healthy little baby boy and also a safe and easy pregnancy and delivery. This is just what I prayed for, through the intercession of Saint Gerard, to dear Jesus and Mama Mary. On April 21st, I safely delivered my beautiful baby boy. Throughout my pregnancy, I followed Saint Gerard and prayed the novena in his honor. I have been constantly calling him and asking him to intercede with the Blessed Mother and Jesus, and while we were at the delivery room, that the doctors hands be guided.... Read More Testimonials.




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