Testimonials - League of St. Gerard Newsletter Winter 2016


Almost every day we get messages from people giving witness to St. Gerard Majella’s powerful intercession: overcoming infertility, receiving the gift of motherhood, getting through a difficult pregnancy, a safe delivery, a healthy baby, a relationship restored, healing and health recovered, to name a few. We want to share a sample of these messages here because they inspire three things we all desperately need: faith, hope and love. Submit your own testimonial here.


I want to give thanks to God and to St. Gerard for his intercession. After seven years of trying to conceive, we have finally given birth to a beautiful baby girl, Allison Geralynn (Geralynn after St. Gerard). She is currently in the NICU and so I am also requesting all the prayer angels to join me in praying that my daughter may come home with me soon and that she will be healthy and thriving. Thank you.


Dear Saint Gerard, I just gave birth to a healthy baby girl on January 9, 2017. Thank you for watching over my baby and me all throughout my pregnancy. To God be the glory!


Good afternoon and to God be the glory! I just want to say thank you, first to our God for my safe delivery this past December 27, 2016, via C-section, and secondly to our dear Saint Gerard Majella, for his intercession and for all the prayer angels who helped by continually praying for us. With prayers, nothing is impossible. No words can express how thankful we are for having our first-born baby boy. After two years of marriage God heard our prayers to have at least one child to make us complete as a family. We have no money or material things that we can give back to all of you who helped us to pray, but I know God will give you so much in return. Thanks & more power to this ministry. My baby and I are now two weeks here in our home sweet home! Please continue to pray for us in this new journey. Amen and Amen! We named our son Mariusz Emmanuel because I know that God is always with us! Here are two pictures of him. Thanks be to God. I hope I can inspire many of the readers of this page, especially those who are in the same situation as mine. All I can say is that nothing is impossible for our God, especially for those who believe.


Thank you to all my prayer angels who prayed with me to have a safe and uncomplicated delivery yesterday. I am so blessed to have my two girls with me. Twelve years of waiting and praying is all worth it. God has the perfect time. Again, thank you very much. Maryclaire is 6lbs. 8oz. God bless all.


I would like to offer thanksgiving to our Blessed St. Gerard and all the people who prayed for me during my pregnancy. My precious rainbow baby, Eliza, was born on Valentine's Day. I know that it was through the prayers to our Lord through St. Gerard that she is a healthy, beautiful girl. Please continue to pray for Eliza and me. May she continue to grow healthy and strong and may my husband and I be good parents to her.


I just gave birth to a healthy baby boy two days ago. The process was quick. It's truly a miracle from God. Thank you, St. Gerard, and everyone who prayed for us.


First of all I want to say thank you to St. Gerard for the prayers and for guiding me, and then to all the prayer angels who shared their prayers for us. Thank you very much. This past February 7th I gave birth successfully to a healthy baby boy by normal delivery. Forever grateful.


I first sent in a prayer request on March 5, 2014. Today I'm writing to share my joy and to offer thanksgiving. I asked God for a healthy baby and God has generously blessed me with two! Our twins were born a couple of days ago. I'd like to thank St. Gerard for his intercession and the people in this online community for praying for us. God makes everything beautiful in God’s right time!


This is a thanksgiving for our granddaughter, Abigail. After enduring four years of great difficulty and exhausting all human assistance, our daughter was advised by her physicians that she would be unable to conceive and bear a child. Be that as it may, it is evident that God had different plans for our daughter. Against all odds, God blessed her and her husband with a beautiful, healthy little girl on December 4, 2016. I firmly believe in the power of prayer. The Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Gerard received many prayers and petitions on behalf of our daughter. As the miracle of the wedding feast at Cana demonstrates, our Mother Mary has a strong influence on her Son. I believe the Blessed Mother Mary intervened on behalf of our daughter and her husband. I also believe St. Gerard was actively involved during my daughter’s pregnancy and delivery. While all babies are little miracles, Abigail is a very special miracle for our daughter, her husband and our entire family. All praise be to God!


We'd like to give glory and thanksgiving to God. My wife and I were told we had low fertility and that is was very unlikely that we could conceive naturally. But, through the intercession of St. Gerard Majella and St. Jude we adopted two children and my wife also conceived and gave birth to our own son fourteen months ago. And now she is pregnant again! Please pray for her and for a safe and healthy pregnancy and delivery. And to all those struggling with infertility – stay strong and persevere in faith. Also we strongly encourage adopting! We feared that adopting meant we were giving up on getting pregnant. But, that wasn't true and it ended up being the best decision of our lives. May God be praised!


Dear St. Gerard, I want to thank you for praying for my baby and me. I delivered a very healthy and adorable baby girl. Please continue praying for my baby girl. Thank you so much, St. Gerard, for answering my prayers. Amen!

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Letter from Fr. Allan Weinert, C.Ss.R.

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Dear Saint Gerard Majella, we seek your intercession, especially for all mothers in a high risk pregnancy.

Obtain for them the grace, strength, patience and courage to overcome all fear and anxiety, all difficulties and complications.

May all expectant mothers be calm and confident, in the face of uncertainties and problems, trusting in your powerful intercession to obtain all that they most need.

May they give birth safely. Guide the hands of all who assist at birth. May all mothers and babies be healthy, free from any harm and all danger. May they be strong in their conviction that you are with them, that you take them by the hand and guide them safely through it all. Amen.



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