League of St. Gerard Newsletter

From Beginning to End: My Mother’s Day Letter

Redemptorist Brother Bruce Davidson shares his love through a letter to his dearly departed mother.

Happy Mother’s Day! Our last Mother’s Day together was in May 2008, and one week later you surrendered your earthly life and now enjoy an eternal life with Jesus and his saints. I never missed sending you a Mother’s Day card while you were present to Robert, my twin brother, and me. This year I decided to write you a letter and recount some of the stories you related to us about our early years.... Read More

(Do You Know) How St. Gerard Became The Mothers’ Saint?

What better time than Mother's Day to retell the stories that establish St. Gerard Majella as the Mothers’ Saint.

Gerard’s own birth was probably a difficult one for his mother, Benedetta. Pregnancy, birth and a child’s first year of life were not easy in southern Italy in the 18th century. There were no maternity hospitals, and medical knowledge of everything to do with reproduction was elementary. There were no drugs to alleviate labor pains and little appreciation for the importance of basic hygiene. Sickness caused by infection at the time of birth was an ever-present threat to the life of both mothers and their children.... Read More.


Thanksgiving from Jennie:

Dear Saint Gerard, my little princess will be one month old on February 12th. I pray that she will always be healthy and will grow up active and smart. I would also like to give thanks for all your prayers, most especially to Saint Gerard for giving me my little princess. Thank you so much and God bless. Read More.




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