Dear Friend of St. Gerard,

Today you and I celebrate the Feast Day of St. Gerard, special protector and intercessor for all mothers, as well as those desiring to be mothers, those having trouble conceiving, and those women with a difficult pregnancy or delivery. On his Feast Day, I encourage you to tell your family and friends about his Website and Facebook page dedicated to bringing hope to mothers and women who want to become mothers. St. Gerard is a wonderful example of someone placing his complete trust in God.

Would you like to include your mother in our Masses for his Feast Day? Please send me her name, as well as sisters, aunts, grandmas or anyone whom you have loved as a mother.
  I and my fellow Redemptorists will pray for them and place their names at the altar in our chapel at the provincial office.

In Christ the Redeemer,
Fr. Allan Weinert, C.Ss.R.
Redemptorists of the Denver Province

The League of
Saint Gerard

Promoting confidence and trust in the intercession of St. Gerard for mothers

St. Gerard Majella
The League of Saint Gerard is an association of dedicated people, under the patronage of St. Gerard, who wish, like him, to commit themselves to following Christ and doing God’s will.

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Social Media Spreads Devotion

What saint has quadrupled in popularity on Facebook this past year?

St. Gerard - On Facebook!

What kinds of miracles are seen daily when St. Gerard's intercession is asked?

The Mothers’ Saint, St. Gerard Majella, was a Redemptorist missionary brother for just over three years, yet in that short time he was widely recognized for his holiness, and already considered a saint by many at the time of his passing.


Chadd Sebastian Jamolo, miracle of St. Gerard

Tyn Gayoso

Hi everyone. I am just writing to say thank you for the prayers, which helped so much during my delivery. I experienced a great miracle when, after being diagnosed with preeclampsia during my second trimester, I had a placental abruption which placed both the baby and me at risk. God is good all the time. He protected me and my baby. I successfully delivered my baby boy on July 18, 2014 through a Stat C-section. Thank you so much for praying for our safe delivery. God bless. Please see the picture of my baby boy, Chredd Sebastian Jamolo. I would like you to know how much my husband and I appreciate your helpful prayers.

Angelyn & Robert

My husband and I are pleased to announce that we are expecting our first child after seven years of trying! We are having a baby girl and she is due around Thanksgiving! We prayed to St. Gerard and St. Padre Pio and never lost faith! Indeed our baby is a miracle and testimony from God. Don't stop believing and keep praying!

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Letter from
Fr. Allan Weinert, C.Ss.R. 

The League of Saint Gerard

Social Media Spreads Devotion


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Dear St. Gerard,
we ask for
a special blessing
on all women who
desire to become mothers.
We ask that
the genuine love
between women and men
might be fertile ground
for new life.

May their love
for each other
be made flesh
in a unique,
unrepeatable new person.

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