Dear Friend of St. Gerard,

Lent is a season of forty days in which you and I, with the whole Church, prepare to celebrate the Paschal or Easter Mystery, the dying and rising of Christ, his passage from the cruel and humiliating death of crucifixion to the full joy of eternal life. It is the passage from darkness to light, from sin to grace and the victory of love over hatred, of life over death.

This mystery was at the center of St. Gerard’s life, spirituality and ministry. It is the same mystery of Love that made him work wonders. As the Mothers' Saint, he is the special protector and intercessor for all mothers, those desiring to be mothers, those having trouble conceiving, and those women with a difficult pregnancy or facing a complicated delivery.

Please encourage others to join the League of St. Gerard, share this newsletter with family and friends and tell them about his Website and Facebook page dedicated to praying for and bringing hope to mothers and women who want to become mothers.

In Christ the Redeemer,

Fr. Allan Weinert, C.Ss.R.
Redemptorists of the Denver Province

St. Gerard Smiles Upon a Faith-filled Mother

My parent's life was not easy. It was all bearable because they were faith-filled people and accepted children lovingly.

Dad loaded some of the children in the back of the station wagon. The third seat was all the way down so it resembled a playpen for the twins. Dad used the exterior hand crank to roll the back window down about a third of the way. The next thing he knew, Don had climbed through the rear window. He fell, landing headfirst onto the pavement...

The Power of Intercession Is Love

Making intercession for someone is central to our Christian faith and our devotion to the saints, and in particular, to Saint Gerard Majella.

How often has someone asked you to pray for them or for some special intention? About 90% of the communication on the Web site and Facebook page of St. Gerard Majella The Mothers' Saint, are prayer requests. Hundreds of people ask St. Gerard and the Friends of St. Gerard to intercede for them in prayer: to overcome infertility, to conceive, to have an uncomplicated pregnancy, to have a safe delivery, to have a healthy baby, for sick children and for so many other intentions....


Jess and Jack: A New Pregnancy

A million thanks for your prayers. I am already pregnant. And I'm now in my fourth month. It's truly a blessing from above. My husband and I were both happy for this little angel. Truly, God has amazing powers. He transforms all frustrations into blessings. I do believe in miracles now. God's will prevails in God's time. Thank you so much for the one who made this page. You are an instrument of God. Thank you for helping me/us in our quest for motherhood. Thank you for the prayers that made our dreams come true. Thanks to you, dear Saint Gerard Majella. For now, I want to ask again for your prayers for my healthy and safe delivery. And also for a healthy and wonderful baby that will add joy to our lives. Thank you so much and may God bless you a hundredfold.

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Table of Contents

Letter from
Fr. Allan Weinert, C.Ss.R.

St. Gerard Smiles Upon a Faith-filled Mother

The Power of Intercession


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St. Gerard,
please intercede
for all women
longing to be mothers
but finding it
to conceive.

Obtain for them
their heart’s desire.

Help them
to be life-giving,
loving people,
always trusting in God
to make all
good things
happen at
just the right time

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