Daily Scripture Reflection

Monday of the Seventh Week in Ordinary Time

SIR 1: 1-10, MK 9: 14-29

Jesus is often shown in prayer. He usually is in deep pray before an important decision or teaching, like when he chose the Twelve. It is so much a part of Jesus’ life, it has to be part of our lives. Most of us were taught prayer from an early age, with the Our Father, or Hail Mary at the center. As we grow up, other prayers are added. Eventually we learn to ‘pray from the heart.’

Prayer was important in the healing ministry of Jesus. Today’s gospel points this out. It also mentions Jesus’ frustration: seems the disciples forgot an essential part of healing. It’s not just a show of power, it is a response from prayer. They could have driven out the demon, but they didn’t resort to pray. How could they do this? Who knows, perhaps they were caught up in one aspect of healing rather than the heart of it.

In any case they did learn the power of prayer and relied heavily on it as they carried out their ministry.


“There are three things that make us Christians: faith, baptism, and sharing at the altar.” —Guerric of Igny, twelfth century



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