Redemptorist Media

St. Alphonsus was arguably the Church’s greatest communicator, using a variety of mediums to bring people closer to God. He wrote more than 100 books (which have been translated into over 70 languages); he painted religious art, wrote religious poetry and composed roughly 40 sacred hymns, which are now being produced and made available in the U.S. for the very first time. Redemptorists today use all means of social communication to preach the Word of God: publishing houses, radio and television programs, CDs and the Internet.

 Liguori Publications

Liguori Publications, an apostolate of the Redemptorists/Denver Province, is a community of religious priests, brothers, lay people, and contemplative nuns. Their ministry is to spread the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world through publications.

In 1913, several Redemptorists studying in the major seminary combined their efforts and published the first edition of The Liguorian magazine, devoted to the growth of Catholic belief and practice according to the spirit of St. Alphonsus. One hundred years later Liguori Publications is a collaborative ministry of Redemptorist priests and brother, who, along with a staff of lay employees , seek to spread the good news of the Gospel to the world through its publications.

Liguori publications are education and pastoral in nature. Perhaps our most well-known product is the Liguorian magazine, celebrating 100 years of publication in 2013. Liguori publications also include catechetical materials for parish and religious education and faith formation, affordable pamphlets in an assortment of timely topics, plus a number of hardcover and paperback books, many of which are written in Spanish. Liguori Publications now offer more than 600 Liguori eBook titles.

Bek Brothers and The Collarmen

In the 1950s, a number of Redemptorist Seminarians studying at Immaculate Conception College in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin put their God-given musical talents to use, recording four records under the names The Bek Brothers and The Collarmen. Published by Cuca Records, that music still resounds today.


Group Members Included:
Bob Bek (Bek Brothers and Collarmen)
Jim Bek (Bek Brothers and Collarmen)
Dick Bek (Bek Brothers and Collarmen)
John Palheta (Collarmen)
Chuck Beierwaltes (Bek Brothers and Collarmen)
Bernard Matthys (Bek Brothers and Collarmen)
Don Matthys (Collarmen)
Bill Grassman (Bek Brothers and Collarmen)


Said Chuck Beierwaltes (drummer):

"We had great fun and worked hard in recording the albums.  A number of the songs were written by the guys in the seminary at the time and the music talent was outstanding at the time.  We were well known in the Milwaukee and Madison area and did a number of concerts and shows in the area and elsewhere."


CDs are still available for sale through Cuca Records. Click here or on any of the below images to order.